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aviation services sri lanka, paradise aviation service

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aviation services sri lanka, paradise aviation service

Our Aviation Services

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This is the golden are of free flying in Sri Lanka after many terrifying decades. Now anyone can hire a flight or a helicopter and feel the true freedom and beauty of the country. It’s time to get airborne!


Who We Are

About Paradise Aviation Services!


Paradise Aviation Services is a private local aviation service provider and a leading partner of the well known group of Paradise Corporations Pvt Ltd.

We were in the aviation industry from 2012 and serve all types of local aviation requirements such as scenic flight tours, emergency flights, special events and occasions, flying school with local and international flight training and flying license.

It’s safe, it’s quick, it’s incomparable and it’s joyful. Having a set of wings is a dream of humanity ever since. Come join us to feel the world like never before and now it’s just a call away!

  • Exclusive knowledge of flying
  • More than 10 years of experience
  • 100% Safe & secure flying experience
  • Professional pilots, staff and crew
  • Local and international service
  • A complete fleet in every aspect

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Close and Personal?

Helicopter is your choice!

It’s agile, slow, and much closer flying experience.

Best for closer observations, with enough time.

Far and Wide?

Fixedwing Flight is your choice!

It’s fast, quick and much wider flying experience

Best for covering a large area in a wider look