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Frequently asked questions

Why PAS?

Paradise Aviation Services have the verity of aircraft’s to fill the customer’s requirement.

What type of training do I have to go through to become a commercial pilot and fly for the airlines?

PAS offers from zero time varies flight training package, which trains you from your private up through your commercial certificate with multi-engine and instrument ratings. When you have completed one of our flight training centers, the most common career path for our students is to become flight instructors. As an instructor you can build necessary flight experience before you start applying for a job. If you already have a private, we will merge you into the program and start with your instrument training.

What Type of license offered, and the training provided?

IR rating
Multi Engine Rating
Flight Instructor Rating

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Do PAS offers installment basis?

Yes we do, we have ready made installment plan and if there any special requirement we are happy to consider that as well.

Minimum requirements to be a pilot?

At least 17 years and should understand and speak English.

Do I need Maths or physics at school?

No. you do not need to have those subjects to obtain a pilot license. having a basic knowledge to understand does help. if you wish to fly for an airline you should check their minimum requirements.